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How big is 323 dunams?

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It's about 0.00000004 times as big as United States.
In other words, 323 dunams is 0.000000032869710 times the size of United States, and the size of United States is 30,423,150 times that amount.
(a.k.a. United States of America, a.k.a. America, a.k.a. USA, a.k.a. US)
The third or fourth largest country in the world (there is some dispute in how China's total area is measured), the United States measures 9,826,675,000 dunams in total area. The United States' economy is the fifth-largest in the world, comprising a quarter of nominal global GDP.
It's about 0.00000003 times as big as Canada.
In other words, 323 dunams is 0.00000003234960 times the size of Canada, and the size of Canada is 30,912,300 times that amount.
Canada measures 9,984,670,000 dunams in total area. It is both the second-largest country in the world and one of the most-sparsely populated, in addition to having the longest coastline of any country in the world — 243,000 km (151,000 mi).
It's about 0.00000002 times as big as Russia.
In other words, 323 dunams is 0.0000000188908310 times the size of Russia, and the size of Russia is 52,935,734 times that amount.
(a.k.a Российская Федерация, formally the Russian Federation, a.k.a. Россия)
The largest country in the world, Russia measures 17,098,242,000 dunams. Russia spans eleven time zones and holds more forest than any other country in the world, as well as lakes and rivers containing totaling 25% of the world's fresh water supply.
It's about 60,000,000 times as big as a Playing Card.
In other words, 323 dunams is 58,000,000 times the size of a Playing Card, and the size of a Playing Card is 0.0000000170 times that amount.
(ISO 216 B8 size)
A single ISO 216 B8-size playing card measures 0.00000560 dunams. Although this size is the most common playing card, many casinos use the smaller "bridge size" card — 0.00000260 dunams smaller.
It's about 60,000,000 times as big as a Post-it® Note (3M).
In other words, the size of a Post-it® Note (3M) is 0.0000000170 times 323 dunams.
(3M) (generically sticky notes, a.k.a. repositionable notes, a.k.a. repositional notes)
A Post-it® Note measures 0.00000540 dunams in total area. In September, 1989, Hurricane Hugo swept through Charleston, South Carolina with winds up to 230 kph (140 mph), uprooting eight oak trees in Mr. Bruce Brakefield's yard, but leaving in place a Post-it® note attached to his front door.
It's about 400,000,000 times as big as a Secure Digital (SD) card.
In other words, 323 dunams is 420,000,000 times the size of a Secure Digital (SD) card, and the size of a Secure Digital (SD) card is 0.00000000240 times that amount.
A Secure Digital (SD) card measures 3.2 cm by 2.4 cm for a total area of 0.000000770 dunams. SDXC Cards, the latest standard for the technology, will allow the cards to hold up to 2 terabytes of data.
It's about 0.000000002 times as big as The Land area of Earth.
In other words, 323 dunams is 0.00000000216870 times the size of The Land area of Earth, and the size of The Land area of Earth is 461,110,000 times that amount.
The Earth has a land area of 148,940,000,000 dunams. Only an estimated one-eighth of this area — or 18,618,000,000 dunams — is inhabitable by humans, with uninhabitable terrain such as deserts and high mountains covering the rest.