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How big is 567.970 dunams?

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It's about one-seven-hundred-fifty-thousandth as big as California.
In other words, 567.970 dunams is 0.0000013396480 times the size of California, and the size of California is 746,464.740 times that amount.
(United States)
The "Golden State," California measures 423,969,580 dunams in total area. California is home to both the highest point — Mt. Whitney at 4,421 m (14,505 ft) — and lowest point — Death Valley at 85.5 m (282 ft) below sea level — in the continental United States, the two of which are separated by just 123 km (76 mi).
It's about 0.0000008 times as big as Texas.
In other words, 567.970 dunams is 0.000000816493310 times the size of Texas, and the size of Texas is 1,224,749.80 times that amount.
(United States)
The "Lone Star State," Texas measures 695,621,130 dunams in total area. Texas covers so much area that Texarkana — a city in the state's northeastern corner — is about 30 km closer to Chicago, Illinois, than it is to El Paso — in the western corner of Texas.
It's about 0.0000004 times as big as Alaska.
In other words, 567.970 dunams is 0.000000330627570 times the size of Alaska, and the size of Alaska is 3,024,551.20 times that amount.
(United States)
The "Last Frontier," Alaska measures 1,717,854,300 dunams in total area. Alaska is home to over 100,000 glaciers — half of the world's total — including the Bering Glacier complex near the southeastern border of Alaska, which covers 5,830,000 dunams.
It's about 5,500,000 times as big as an Airplane Tray Table.
In other words, 567.970 dunams is 5,620,000 times the size of an Airplane Tray Table, and the size of an Airplane Tray Table is 0.0000001780 times that amount.
With wide variation among different models of airplanes, in-flight tray tables measure around 41.2 cm (16.5 in) x 24.1 cm (9.5 in) for a total area of 0.000101 dunams. Flight safety rules require that the tray tables be upright and locked during takeoff and landing so as to reduce the risk of passenger abdominal injury.
It's about 15,000,000 times as big as an Apple iPad.
In other words, 567.970 dunams is 14,190,000 times the size of an Apple iPad, and the size of an Apple iPad is 0.000000070470 times that amount.
(for 9.7 inch, Apple iPad Air MD785LL/B)
An Apple iPad measures 23 cm (9.4 in) x 17 cm (6.6 in) for a total device area of 0.000040020 dunams. The base model iPad Air features 16 GB of storage capacity.
It's about 0.00000007 times as big as Brazil.
In other words, 567.970 dunams is 0.000000066703250 times the size of Brazil, and the size of Brazil is 14,991,770 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Brasil, formally the Federative Republic of Brazil, a.k.a. Rep&blica Federativa do Brasil)
Brazil measures 8,514,877,000 dunams in total area. Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country by area and eighth-largest economy (by GDP).
It's about 0.00000006 times as big as China.
In other words, 567.970 dunams is 0.000000059182280 times the size of China, and the size of China is 16,896,950 times that amount.
(a.k.a. People's Republic of China, a.k.a. 中华人民共和国, a.k.a.中華人民共和國 , a.k.a. Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghég) (UN mainland area figure)
Mainland China, as measured by the United Nations (excluding China's Special Administrative Regions — Hong Kong and Macau — and disputed territories such as Taiwan, Askai Chin, and the Trans-Karakoram Tract), occupies 9,596,961,000 dunams in total area . China is the the most populous country in the world and the third or fourth largest (depending on areas included in the measurement) in total area.