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How big is 847.20 feddans?

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It's about one-six-hundred-fiftieth as big as Jacksonville.
In other words, 847.20 feddans is 0.001561502 times the size of Jacksonville, and the size of Jacksonville is 640.4090 times that amount.
The largest city in Florida and the fifth-largest city in the country, Jacksonville measures 542,554.50 feddans in total area. The city is known for its diversified industrial and manufacturing base and as a transportation hub, featuring a prominent deep-water port, a large airport, and extensive rail yards.
It's about 650 times as big as a Football field.
In other words, 847.20 feddans is 665.0724459 times the size of a Football field, and the size of a Football field is 0.001503595595 times that amount.
(American) (per NFL regulation)
Per NFL rules, a football field should measure 109.728 m (120 yards) long by 48.768 m wide, for a total area of 1.2738461880 feddans. Due to a blizzard, the first NFL playoff game in 1932 was held indoors in Chicago Stadium (it was also the first indoor game) on a field measuring just 55 m by 40.0 m, for a total area of 0.52370565550 feddans.
It's about one-seven-hundredth as big as Fort Irwin.
In other words, 847.20 feddans is 0.0014 times the size of Fort Irwin, and the size of Fort Irwin is 710 times that amount.
(San Bernardino County, California)
Fort Irwin measures 620,000 feddans in total area. It is known as part of the Installation Management Command and as the home of the Army's National Training Center.
It's about 800 times as big as Bill Gates' Home.
In other words, 847.20 feddans is 795.50 times the size of Bill Gates' Home, and the size of Bill Gates' Home is 0.001257 times that amount.
(Medina, Washington)
One of the largest homes in the world, Bill and Melinda Gates' home has a total area of 1.065 feddans, including 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, 6 kitchens, 6 fireplaces, a 0.05475 feddans gym, a 0.02142 feddans dining room, and a 0.04523 feddans library. It was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, the same architectural firm responsible for the design of one of Apple Inc's flagship stores on Fifth Avenue in New York City.
It's about one-eight-hundred-fiftieth as big as Yosemite National Park.
In other words, 847.20 feddans is 0.00117578 times the size of Yosemite National Park, and the size of Yosemite National Park is 850.4990 times that amount.
(Tuolumne, Mariposa, and Madera counties, California, near Mariposa, California) (total land area)
Famous for its granite cliffs and Giant Sequoia groves, Yosemite National Park is 720,540 feddans in total area, of which 49,514 feddans is the well-known Yosemite Valley. The Park is known as the home of Yosemite Falls — the highest waterfall in North America and sixth highest in the world at 739 m (2,420 ft)
It's about one-nine-hundredth as big as Big Bend National Park.
In other words, 847.20 feddans is 0.0010977 times the size of Big Bend National Park, and the size of Big Bend National Park is 910.9960 times that amount.
(Brewster County, Texas, near Alpine, Texas)
Located on the Rio Grande (a.k.a. Rio Bravo) which forms part of the boundary between the United States and Mexico, Big Bend National Park occupies 771,797 feddans. With less than half a million visitors per year, Big Bend is one of the continental United States' least trafficked parks.
It's about one-one-thousandth as big as Rhode Island.
In other words, 847.20 feddans is 0.000889367 times the size of Rhode Island, and the size of Rhode Island is 1,124.40 times that amount.
(a.k.a. The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, a.k.a. RI) (United States)
The "Ocean State," Rhode Island measures 952,587 feddans in total area. Several large bays totaling 644,158 feddans make up 32.4% of its total area.