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How big is 701.120 square perches?

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It's about forty times as big as a Basketball court.
In other words, 701.120 square perches is 35.778804120 times the size of a Basketball court, and the size of a Basketball court is 0.02794950878 times that amount.
(per NBA regulation)
Per NBA rules , a basketball court should measure 29.5656 m long by 16.764 m wide, for a total area of 19.59595960 square perches. The first basketball game, held in a Springfield Massachusetts YMCA, was played on a court half the size of today's NBA standard and ended with a score of 1-0.
It's about one-thirty-fifth as big as Disneyland.
In other words, the size of Disneyland is 37 times 701.120 square perches.
(a.k.a. Disneyland Park) (Anaheim, California) (public areas)
The public areas of Disneyland occupy 26,000 square perches. The park consists of nine themed "stages" — including Main Street, U.S.A; Adventureland; Frontierland; Fantasyland; and Tomorrowland — with hidden passages that allow park employees to move between each without being seen by guests.
It's about one-fortieth as big as The Forbidden City.
In other words, the size of The Forbidden City is 42 times 701.120 square perches.
(a.k.a. Forbidden Palace, a.k.a. Purple Forbidden City, a.k.a. Zijin Cheng, a.k.a. Zǐjinchéng, a.k.a. 紫禁城) (Beijing, China)
The imperial palace complex of the Forbidden City consists of 980 buildings covering 29,000 square perches. The City was the home of Chinese Emperors and their cabinets from its construction in 1420 until the fall of the last ruling dynasty in 1912.
It's about 50 times as big as an IMAX screen.
In other words, 701.120 square perches is 50.07 times the size of an IMAX screen, and the size of an IMAX screen is 0.01997 times that amount.
An IMAX movie theater screen measures 22 m (72 ft) by 16 m (52 ft) for a total area of 14 square perches. Because the film used in an IMAX movie is more than eight times larger than regular film, the platters of a two-and-a-half hour feature film can weigh up to 250 kg (550 lbs).
It's about 70 times as big as a Tennis court.
In other words, 701.120 square perches is 67.9771790 times the size of a Tennis court, and the size of a Tennis court is 0.014710819 times that amount.
(per ITF specification; for doubles)
Per International Tennis Federation Rules of Tennis 2009, a doubles tennis court should measure 23.7744 m long by 10.9728 m, for a total area of about 10.3096320 square perches. Courts may be surfaced with crushed red stone, shale, brick, hard-soil grass, or asphalt.
It's about one-one-hundredth as big as Monaco.
In other words, the size of Monaco is 100 times 701.120 square perches.
(a.k.a. the Principality of Monaco, a.k.a. Principauté de Monaco, a.k.a. Principatu de Múnegu)
One of the smallest nations in the world, Monaco is a city-state located on the French border of the Mediterranean Sea, which measures 80,000 square perches in total area.
It's about one-two-hundredth as big as Central Park.
In other words, 701.120 square perches is 0.0052 times the size of Central Park, and the size of Central Park is 192 times that amount.
(Manhattan, New York City, New York)
The most visited park in the country, Central Park has an area of 135,000 square perches. According to a 2005 appraisal, the real estate value of the Park's land is $528,783,552,000.