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How big is 51 squares?

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It's about one-eighty-five-thousandth as big as Rock Island.
In other words, 51 squares is 0.000012080 times the size of Rock Island, and the size of Rock Island is 82,781 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Arsenal Island, a.k.a. Rock Island Arsenal) (Illinois, on the Iowa border) (land area only)
Rock Island measures 4,221,600 squares in total area. It is known as the largest government-owned weapons manufacturing arsenal in the United States and the US Army's only active foundry, as well as a former Union prison camp during the American Civil War.
It's about 85,000 times as big as a Playing Card.
In other words, the size of a Playing Card is 0.0000120 times 51 squares.
(ISO 216 B8 size)
A single ISO 216 B8-size playing card measures 0.0006 squares. Although this size is the most common playing card, many casinos use the smaller "bridge size" card — 0.00028 squares smaller.
It's about 90,000 times as big as a Post-it® Note (3M).
In other words, 51 squares is 88,000 times the size of a Post-it® Note (3M), and the size of a Post-it® Note (3M) is 0.0000110 times that amount.
(3M) (generically sticky notes, a.k.a. repositionable notes, a.k.a. repositional notes)
A Post-it® Note measures 0.00058 squares in total area. In September, 1989, Hurricane Hugo swept through Charleston, South Carolina with winds up to 230 kph (140 mph), uprooting eight oak trees in Mr. Bruce Brakefield's yard, but leaving in place a Post-it® note attached to his front door.
It's about one-one-hundred-thousandth as big as The Pitcairn Islands.
In other words, 51 squares is 0.00001000 times the size of The Pitcairn Islands, and the size of The Pitcairn Islands is 100,000 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands, a.k.a. Pitkern Ailen) (British overseas territory) (total land area)
The Pitcairn Islands are a group of four islands which have a combined area of 5,100,000 squares. A British overseas territory since 1838, the island is populated by the descendents of mutineers and others who traveled on the British Royal Naval Ship, HMS Bounty during her 1789-1790 voyage.
It's about one-one-hundred-fifty-thousandth as big as San Marino.
In other words, the size of San Marino is 130,000 times 51 squares.
(a.k.a. The Most Serene Republic of San Marino, a.k.a. Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino)
an Marino is an enclave country located within the Apennine Mountains in Italy, with a total area of 6,600,000 squares. Established in 301 CE, San Marino is the oldest sovereign state in the world.
It's about one-two-hundred-thousandth as big as Disney World.
In other words, 51 squares is 0.000004690 times the size of Disney World, and the size of Disney World is 213,000 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Walk Disney World Resort, a.k.a. Walt Disney World, a.k.a. WDW) (Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, Florida) (total site)
Disney World currently occupies 10,900,000 squares. Part of the former total area of 12,900,000 squares now comprises the Disney planned community of Celebration, Florida.
It's about one-two-hundred-fifty-thousandth as big as Hilton Head.
In other words, 51 squares is 0.000004352350 times the size of Hilton Head, and the size of Hilton Head is 229,761 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Hilton Head Island) (South Carolina)
Hilton Head Island measures 11,717,600 squares in total land area. The island (and city of the same name) is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is known as popular vacation destination.