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How big is 988 virgates?

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It's about one-eighty-thousandth as big as United States
In other words, 988 virgates is 0.000012206450 times the size of United States, and the size of United States is 81,923.90 times that amount.
(a.k.a. United States of America, a.k.a. America, a.k.a. USA, a.k.a. US)
The third or fourth largest country in the world (there is some dispute in how China's total area is measured), the United States measures 80,940,810 virgates in total area. The United States' economy is the fifth-largest in the world, comprising a quarter of nominal global GDP.
It's about one-eighty-five-thousandth as big as Canada
In other words, 988 virgates is 0.00001201330 times the size of Canada, and the size of Canada is 83,241.10 times that amount.
Canada measures 82,242,200 virgates in total area. It is both the second-largest country in the world and one of the most-sparsely populated, in addition to having the longest coastline of any country in the world — 243,000 km (151,000 mi).
It's about 100,000 times as big as Fort Knox
In other words, 988 virgates is 102,000 times the size of Fort Knox, and the size of Fort Knox is 0.00000980 times that amount.
(a.k.a. the United States Bullion Depository, a.k.a. "Gold Vault") (Kentucky)
The United States Bullion Depository, commonly referred to by the metonym "Fort Knox" (in spite of the fact that the Depository is not located on the Fort proper), measures 32.0 m (105 ft) by 36.9 m (121 ft), for a total area of about 0.00972 virgates. The Depository is most famous for housing the largest portion of the national gold reserve, but has also temporarily housed the original US Declaration of Independence, an original copy of the US Constitution, and other important documents, kept there for safe keeping during World War II.
It's about one-one-hundred-fifty-thousandth as big as Russia
In other words, 988 virgates is 0.00000701527240 times the size of Russia, and the size of Russia is 142,546.140 times that amount.
(a.k.a Российская Федерация, formally the Russian Federation, a.k.a. Россия)
The largest country in the world, Russia measures 140,835,590 virgates. Russia spans eleven time zones and holds more forest than any other country in the world, as well as lakes and rivers containing totaling 25% of the world's fresh water supply.
It's about 250,000 times as big as a Basketball court
In other words, 988 virgates is 242,009.0722 times the size of a Basketball court, and the size of a Basketball court is 0.00000413207650 times that amount.
(per NBA regulation)
Per NBA rules , a basketball court should measure 29.5656 m long by 16.764 m wide, for a total area of 0.004082491582 virgates. The first basketball game, held in a Springfield Massachusetts YMCA, was played on a court half the size of today's NBA standard and ended with a score of 1-0.
It's about 350,000 times as big as an IMAX screen
In other words, 988 virgates is 338,600 times the size of an IMAX screen, and the size of an IMAX screen is 0.0000029530 times that amount.
An IMAX movie theater screen measures 22 m (72 ft) by 16 m (52 ft) for a total area of 0.002917 virgates. Because the film used in an IMAX movie is more than eight times larger than regular film, the platters of a two-and-a-half hour feature film can weigh up to 250 kg (550 lbs).
It's about 450,000 times as big as a Tennis court
In other words, 988 virgates is 459,799.990 times the size of a Tennis court, and the size of a Tennis court is 0.00000217485870 times that amount.
(per ITF specification; for doubles)
Per International Tennis Federation Rules of Tennis 2009, a doubles tennis court should measure 23.7744 m long by 10.9728 m, for a total area of about 0.00214784 virgates. Courts may be surfaced with crushed red stone, shale, brick, hard-soil grass, or asphalt.