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How much is 797 petabytes?

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It's about 400 times as much as an Imgur's Monthly Bandwidth.
In other words, 797 petabytes is 379 times the amount of an Imgur's Monthly Bandwidth, and the amount of an Imgur's Monthly Bandwidth is 0.00264 times that amount.
(Jan-Feb, 2012 figures)
Imgur, the free online image hosting service, used a total of 2.11 petabytes in bandwidth between January and February, 2012. The site has served up over 15 billion images in that time.
It's about 650 times as much as World of Warcraft.
In other words, the amount of World of Warcraft is 0.0015 times 797 petabytes.
(a.k.a. WoW) (2009 figures) (total storage for Blizzard Entertainment)
World of Warcraft, the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), uses 1.3 petabytes (pB) of data for its operations. The game's development required about 5 years and included the enhancement of a proprietary 3D graphics engine developed for the prequel of the game.
It's about 900 times as much as a Avatar.
In other words, the amount of a Avatar is 0.001 times 797 petabytes.
(a.k.a. James Cameron's Avatar, a.k.a. Avatar: An IMAX 3D experience) (production rendering data)
Using a combination of breakthrough techniques that ultimately made it the most expensive movie ever produced, the film Avatar required 1 petabyte (pB) of storage space for its computer rendering. According to some sources, each frame of the 166-minute movie took an average of 47 person-hours to complete.
It's about 900 times as much as Facebook's Photo Storage.
In other words, the amount of Facebook's Photo Storage is 0.001 times 797 petabytes.
(2008 figures) (total storage)
Facebook, the popular social networking site, hosts about 1 petabyte (pB) of photos uploaded by its users as of 2008. Facebook users upload more than 0.002 petabytes of new photos to this collection every day.
It's about 950 times as much as The Google database.
In other words, the amount of The Google database is 0.001 times 797 petabytes.
(2006 figures) (web crawler data; compressed)
As of 2006, the Google search engine database contained 0.830 petabytes of compressed data about the web pages it had indexed while crawling the web. Each day, Google processes over one billion search requests.
It's about 1,000 times as much as The's Census Records.
In other words, the amount of The's Census Records is 0.001 times 797 petabytes.
(2006 figures) (1790 to 1930 records only)
Updated in 2006 through a one-of-a-kind project, the genealogical research site added 540 million names from records in the 1790 to 1930 US Census, capturing a total of 0.60 petabytes of data. According to company estimates, the project took 6.6 million hours (750 person-years) to complete.
It's about 1,500 times as much as YouTube's video database.
In other words, the amount of YouTube's video database is 0.00067 times 797 petabytes.
(2008 figures) (video data only)
YouTube's collection of user-generated and commercially-produced videos measures about 0.520 petabytes in total data volume. Every minute, an average of 35 hours of new video content is uploaded to YouTube.