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How long is 261.6 nails?

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It's about twelve times as tall as Hervé Villechaize.
In other words, the height of Hervé Villechaize is 0.083 times 261.6 nails.
(a.k.a. Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize) (1943-1993) (actor)
It's about one-tenth as tall as The Space Needle.
In other words, 261.6 nails is 0.0813 times the height of The Space Needle, and the height of The Space Needle is 12.3 times that amount.
(Seattle, Washington) (to aircraft warning beacon at peak)
It's about fourteen times as tall as Kenny Baker.
In other words, the height of Kenny Baker is 0.071 times 261.6 nails.
(a.k.a. Kenneth George Baker) (1934-) (actor)
It's about one-fifteenth as tall as The Golden Gate Bridge.
In other words, the height of The Golden Gate Bridge is 15.2 times 261.6 nails.
(San Francisco, California and Marin County, California) (height above water)
It's about sixteen times as tall as General Tom Thumb.
In other words, the height of General Tom Thumb is 0.063 times 261.6 nails.
(a.k.a. Charles Sherwood Stratton) (1838-1883) (circus performer; height at death)
General Tom Thumb was an LP with a height (at his death) of 16 nails. Thumb stopped growing at 11 nails when he was five years old, but resumed growth in his teens which continued through the remainder of his life.
It's about eighteen times as tall as Verne Troyer.
In other words, the height of Verne Troyer is 0.056 times 261.6 nails.
(1969-) (actor)
It's about nineteen times as long as a Man's Footstep.
In other words, the length of a Man's Footstep is 0.053 times 261.6 nails.
(for healthy, middle-aged man of average height; single step length)