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How fast is 655 inches per hour?

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It's about one-twenty-five-thousandth as fast as a Peregrine Falcon
In other words, the speed of a Peregrine Falcon is 23,400 times 655 inches per hour.
(a.k.a. Peregrine, a.k.a. Duck Hawk, Falco peregrinus)
The Peregrine Falcon can reach speeds of up to 15,300,000 inches per hour when diving. Falcons are sometimes sent to scare smaller birds away from airports to improve air traffic safety and were used in World War II to intercept carrier pigeons used by enemy forces.
It's about one-seventy-five-thousandth as fast as The Speed of Sound
In other words, the speed of The Speed of Sound is 74,100 times 655 inches per hour.
(in dry air at 20°C)
The speed of sound in dry air at 20°C (68°F) is 48,600,000 inches per hour. Air is a relatively poor acoustic conductor, however, as sound will travel at speeds of between 212,000,000 inches per hour to 221,000,000 inches per hour in water, depending on its salinity.
It's about one-eighty-five-thousandth as fast as a Bullet (Handgun)
In other words, the speed of a Bullet (Handgun) is 83,300 times 655 inches per hour.
(for .40 Smith & Wesson 135 grain Sierra JHP, VV 3N37 powder, Fed. 100 primer, Remington case) (muzzle velocity)
A 0.40 caliber Smith & Wesson bullet has a muzzle a velocity of 54,300,000 inches per hour. This type of ammunition has been the standard issue round of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) since 1990.
It's about 100,000 times as fast as Grass growing
In other words, 655 inches per hour is 120,000 times the speed of Grass growing, and the speed of Grass growing is 0.00000830 times that amount.
(for Kentucky Bluegrass, Poa pratensis) (a.k.a. Smooth Meadow grass, a.k.a. Common Meadow grass) (Summer months, ideal growing conditions)
Kentucky Bluegrass, one of the most common grasses in North America, grows about an inch per week in the summer months under ideal conditions. When left un-mowed, Kentucky Bluegrass grows to heights of 60 to 90 cm (2 to 3 ft) and blossoms with a blue flower.
It's about one-one-hundred-fifty-thousandth as fast as a Jet Fighter
In other words, the speed of a Jet Fighter is 140,000 times 655 inches per hour.
(for Lockheed Martin F-16, a.k.a. Fighting Falcon, a.k.a. Viper) (maximum speed at altitude)
An F-16's maximum speed at altitude is approximately 95,000,000 inches per hour. The F-16 has a flight ceiling of approximately 15 km (9.32 mi).
It's about one-two-hundred-thousandth as fast as a Bullet (Rifle)
In other words, 655 inches per hour is 0.000005050 times the speed of a Bullet (Rifle), and the speed of a Bullet (Rifle) is 198,000 times that amount.
(5.56 x 45 mm, a.k.a. 5.56 NATO)
A 5.56 x 45 mm cartridge is fired at a velocity of 130,000,000 inches per hour. As the NATO rifle cartridge, it is used by the military forces of more than thirty-one countries, including use in the M16 series, M4 Carbine, HK-416, and M249 Squad automatic weapons used by the United States armed forces.
It's about 0.0000006 times as fast as The Space Shuttle
In other words, 655 inches per hour is 0.00000059680 times the speed of The Space Shuttle, and the speed of The Space Shuttle is 1,675,600 times that amount.
(Orbiter vehicle velocity)
The space shuttle orbits at a speed of 1,097,500,000 inches per hour. During liftoff, the space shuttle accelerates to orbital speed in 8.5 minutes, consuming over 1.59 million kg (3.51 million lbs) of propellant in the process.