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How fast is 413 yards per minute?

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It's about nine-tenths as fast as a Bull.
In other words, 413 yards per minute is 0.94 times the speed of a Bull, and the speed of a Bull is 1.1 times that amount.
(for animals involved in the Running of the Bulls, a.k.a. Encierro, San Fermin, Pamplona, Spain) (herd average speed)
The herd of the annual Encierro in Pamplona, Spain runs at an average speed of 440 yards per minute. The Encierro is run annually from July 7th through July 14th and involves 42 bulls, 77 oxen, and an estimated 17,000 runners over the course of the event.
It's about four-fifths as fast as Noah Ngeny.
In other words, 413 yards per minute is 0.8306 times the speed of Noah Ngeny, and the speed of Noah Ngeny is 1.204 times that amount.
(in Rieti, Italy; 1999) (sprinter; 1978-)
It's about two-thirds as fast as Flo-Jo.
In other words, 413 yards per minute is 0.6716 times the speed of Flo-Jo, and the speed of Flo-Jo is 1.489 times that amount.
(at the Seoul Olympics, 1998) (a.k.a. Florence Griffith-Joyner, a.k.a. Florence Delorez Griffith) (swimmer; 1959-1998)
It's about three-fifths as fast as Usain Bolt.
In other words, 413 yards per minute is 0.611 times the speed of Usain Bolt, and the speed of Usain Bolt is 1.64 times that amount.
(at the Beijing Olympics, 2008) (a.k.a. Usain St. Leo Bolt, OJ, C.D.) (sprinter; 1986-)
It's about three-fifths as fast as Michael Johnson.
In other words, 413 yards per minute is 0.6081 times the speed of Michael Johnson, and the speed of Michael Johnson is 1.644 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Michael Duane Johnson) (sprinter; 1967-) (at the Atlanta Olympics, 1996)
Setting a record that stood for 12 years, Michael Johnson ran a 200 m in 0:19.32 for an average speed of 679.3 yards per minute at the 1996 Olympics. Johnson was nicknamed "the Man with the Golden shoes" in recognition of the custom footwear worn during these races — a pair of Nikes with a left size of 10.5 and a right size of 11.
It's about two-and-a-half times as fast as a Crocodile.
In other words, the speed of a Crocodile is 0.43 times 413 yards per minute.
(American Crocodile, Crocodylus acutus) (swimming speed)
It's about two-fifths as fast as Secretariat.
In other words, 413 yards per minute is 0.375 times the speed of Secretariat, and the speed of Secretariat is 2.67 times that amount.
(at Belmont Stakes, 1973)