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How big is 470.98 cubic feet?

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It's about 3,000 times as big as The Blood in a Human Body.
In other words, the size of The Blood in a Human Body is 0.0003 times 470.98 cubic feet.
(for 70 kg body; average altitude; average)
The volume of blood in the average human body is about 0.2 cubic feet. Persons living at high altitude, however, may have up to an additional 0.07 cubic feet of blood to compensate for the lower oxygen level.
It's about one-four-thousand-five-hundredth as big as Spaceship Earth (EPCOT Center).
In other words, the size of Spaceship Earth (EPCOT Center) is 4,500 times 470.98 cubic feet.
(a.k.a. EPCOT Center) (Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, Florida) (total structure volume)
Spaceship Earth, the iconic structure at the heart of Walt Disney World Resort's Epcot (formerly EPCOT Center), has a total volume of 2,200,000 cubic feet. The outer structure of the sphere features a gutter system that channels all rainwater into nearby World Showcase Lagoon instead of simply falling off the surface of the sphere.
It's about one-six-thousand-five-hundredth as big as Royal Albert Hall.
In other words, 470.98 cubic feet is 0.0001539 times the size of Royal Albert Hall, and the size of Royal Albert Hall is 6,498 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences) (Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom) (total auditorium volume)
Royal Albert Hall measures 3,060,000 cubic feet in total auditorium volume. One of the centerpieces of the Hall is the Grand Organ — the second-largest organ in the United Kingdom, with 10,268 speaking pipes reaching up to 9.8 m (32 ft) in height.
It's about 7,000 times as big as a Human Stomach.
In other words, the size of a Human Stomach is 0.0001 times 470.98 cubic feet.
(human; adult)
An average adult human stomach has a volume of about 0.07 cubic feet. A newborn baby has a stomach capacity of just 0.001 cubic feet.
It's about 8,000 times as big as an Ostrich Egg.
In other words, 470.98 cubic feet is 8,172 times the size of an Ostrich Egg, and the size of an Ostrich Egg is 0.0001224 times that amount.
(Struthio camelus) (for common ostrich; average)
The largest egg produced by living birds, ostrich eggs measure about 0.0565 cubic feet in volume. The eggs take about nine weeks to hatch, with males and females taking turns incubating them.
It's about 25,000 times as big as a STARBUCKS Venti Coffee.
In other words, the size of a STARBUCKS Venti Coffee is 0.000043 times 470.98 cubic feet.
A STARBUCKS Venti coffee drink measures 0.021 cubic feet. The name of the size, Venti, is the Italian word for twenty.
It's about 30,000 times as big as a Blood Donation.
In other words, the size of a Blood Donation is 0.00003 times 470.98 cubic feet.
(American Red Cross donation volume)
The typical donation amount when giving blood is about 0.02 cubic feet. Donated quantities of blood typically have a viable shelf life of about 42 days.