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How heavy is 0.019 pennyweights?

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It's about as heavy as a Grain of Rice.
(long grain; 14% moisture content)
A single long grain of rice weighs an average of 0.019 pennyweights. A staple through most of human history, archaeological evidence indicates that the earliest rice cultivation was about 11,500 years ago.
It's about six-and-a-half times as heavy as a Grain of Sand.
In other words, the weight of a Grain of Sand is 0.150 times 0.019 pennyweights.
(medium grain)
With tremendous variety in the size of grain and the component material, grains of sand weigh an average of 0.0028 pennyweights. In 2007, a team of seven in Myrtle Beach created the world's tallest sandcastle, which measured 15.10 m (49.55 ft) in height.
It's about eight times as heavy as a Sesame Seed.
In other words, 0.019 pennyweights is 8.120 times the weight of a Sesame Seed, and the weight of a Sesame Seed is 0.1230 times that amount.
(Sesamum indicum)
A sesame seed weighs approximately 0.00234 pennyweights. The McDonald's Big Mac sandwich, which is well-known for its sesame seed top bun, accounts for the consumption of an estimated 1,290,000 pennyweights of sesame seeds each day.
It's about one-tenth as heavy as a Raindrop.
In other words, the weight of a Raindrop is 10 times 0.019 pennyweights.
(a.k.a. drop, a.k.a. droplet) (average)
The weight of a raindrop depends heavily on the type of weather, but averages about 0.10 pennyweights. The familiar teardrop shape of a raindrop is actually an optical illusion, caused by the reflection of the light and the motion of the drop.
It's about one-twenty-fifth as heavy as a Nail.
In other words, the weight of a Nail is 27 times 0.019 pennyweights.
(for 15-gauge, 2-inch, finishing nails)
A two-inch finishing nail weighs 0.510 pennyweights. Nails have been in use for more than 5,400 years and were ven used as a medium of exchange in ancient times.
It's about one-thirty-fifth as heavy as a Jelly Bean.
In other words, the weight of a Jelly Bean is 37 times 0.019 pennyweights.
(for Jelly Belly beans; approximate)
Made of sugar, corn syrup, and pectin, a single jelly bean weighs about 0.730 pennyweights. President Ronald Reagan cited jelly beans as his favorite candy and 2,000,000 pennyweights of the candies were served at his first inauguration in 1981.
It's about 45 times as heavy as a Grain of Sugar.
In other words, 0.019 pennyweights is 47.30 times the weight of a Grain of Sugar, and the weight of a Grain of Sugar is 0.0211 times that amount.
(a.k.a. white sugar, a.k.a. white refined sugar, a.k.a. table sugar, a.k.a. sucrose, a.k.a. saccharose)
A grain of sugar weighs approximately 0.000402 pennyweights. Sugar consumption varies widely by country; the average citizen of the United States consumes about 39,400 pennyweights of sugar each year.