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How heavy is 813 monme (匁)?

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It's about 3,000 times as heavy as a Jelly Bean.
In other words, 813 monme (匁) is 2,800 times the weight of a Jelly Bean, and the weight of a Jelly Bean is 0.00036 times that amount.
(for Jelly Belly beans; approximate)
Made of sugar, corn syrup, and pectin, a single jelly bean weighs about 0.30 monme (匁). President Ronald Reagan cited jelly beans as his favorite candy and 850,000 monme (匁) of the candies were served at his first inauguration in 1981.
It's about one-three-thousand-five-hundredth as heavy as an Anchor of a Cruise Ship.
In other words, the weight of an Anchor of a Cruise Ship is 3,700 times 813 monme (匁).
(for QE2 forward anchor, a.k.a. RMS Queen Elizabeth 2)
Each of the forward anchors of the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 weighs 3,010,000 monme (匁). The anchor of the QE2 now sits in front of the Holyrood Church in Southampton, England, United Kingdom, along a pedestrian tourist route known as "the QE2 mile."
It's about 4,000 times as heavy as a Nail.
In other words, 813 monme (匁) is 3,900 times the weight of a Nail, and the weight of a Nail is 0.00026 times that amount.
(for 15-gauge, 2-inch, finishing nails)
A two-inch finishing nail weighs 0.210 monme (匁). Nails have been in use for more than 5,400 years and were ven used as a medium of exchange in ancient times.
It's about 20,000 times as heavy as a Raindrop.
In other words, the weight of a Raindrop is 0.0000500 times 813 monme (匁).
(a.k.a. drop, a.k.a. droplet) (average)
The weight of a raindrop depends heavily on the type of weather, but averages about 0.05 monme (匁). The familiar teardrop shape of a raindrop is actually an optical illusion, caused by the reflection of the light and the motion of the drop.
It's about one-twenty-five-thousandth as heavy as The Space Shuttle.
In other words, the weight of The Space Shuttle is 23,000 times 813 monme (匁).
(for Endeavour, a.k.a. OV-105, a.k.a. Orbiter Vehicle-105) (empty weight, excluding main engines)
When empty, the space shuttle Endeavour weighs 19,000,000 monme (匁). The shuttle's spacious cargo bay carried the Chandra X-ray Observatory into orbit in 1999 — a payload that weighed 5,300,000 monme (匁).
It's about one-thirty-five-thousandth as heavy as a Blue Whale.
In other words, the weight of a Blue Whale is 34,200 times 813 monme (匁).
(Balaenoptera musculus)
Blue whales weigh between 27,900,000 monme (匁). The largest mammal to have ever lived, blue whales feed almost exclusively on krill — tiny invertebrates weighing about 0.2670 monme (匁) each.
It's about one-fifty-thousandth as heavy as a House.
In other words, 813 monme (匁) is 0.00001950 times the weight of a House, and the weight of a House is 51,300 times that amount.
(149 sq. m, single-level, unfurnished)
A 149 sq. m (1,600 sq. ft), single-story, unfurnished house (without extensive masonry) of the type commonly found in America would weigh approximately 41,600,000 monme (匁), based on the weight of the included materials. In contrast, a yurt — a type of dwelling structure popular among nomadic peoples of East Asia — typically weighs less than 123,000 monme (匁).