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How big is 230 dunams?

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It's about as big as Washington National Cathedral.
(a.k.a. Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul) (Washington, DC) (total plot)
It's about as big as The United States Capitol.
It's about one-and-two-thirds times as big as The Pentagon.
In other words, the size of The Pentagon is 0.599 times 230 dunams.
(a.k.a. United States Department of Defense Headquarters) (Washington, D.C.) (total floor area)
It's about three-fifths as big as The Mall of America.
In other words, 230 dunams is 0.59 times the size of The Mall of America, and the size of The Mall of America is 1.7 times that amount.
(a.k.a. MOA, a.k.a. MoA, a.k.a. Megamall) (Bloomington, Minnesota) (total area)
It's about half as big as Vatican City.
In other words, 230 dunams is 0.52 times the size of Vatican City, and the size of Vatican City is 1.9 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Holy See, a.k.a. State of the Vatican City, a.k.a. Stato della Città del Vaticano)
It's about two times as big as Ellis Island.
In other words, 230 dunams is 2.07 times the size of Ellis Island, and the size of Ellis Island is 0.483 times that amount.
(Jersey City, New Jersey and New York City, New York)(now officially part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument)