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How big is 2,421,620 hectares?

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It's about as big as New Hampshire.
(United States)
The "Granite State," New Hampshire measures 2,421,620 hectares in total area. New Hampshire's western border with Vermont is marked by the Connecticut River — the longest river in New England with a length of 655 km (407 mi).
It's about as big as Vermont.
In other words, the size of Vermont is 1.02827 times 2,421,620 hectares.
(United States)
The "Green Mountain State," Vermont measures 2,490,080 hectares in total area. About 77% of the state, or 1,992,070 hectares is covered by forest.
It's about nine-tenths as big as Lake Erie.
In other words, 2,421,620 hectares is 0.9420 times the size of Lake Erie, and the size of Lake Erie is 1.06 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Lac &ri&) (surface area)
The fourth largest of North America's Great Lakes and the thirteenth largest lake in the world (by surface area), Lake Erie has a total area of 2,570,000 hectares. It borders the cities of Cleveland, Ohio and Toledo, Ohio.
It's about one-and-one-tenth times as big as New Jersey.
In other words, 2,421,620 hectares is 1.07208 times the size of New Jersey, and the size of New Jersey is 0.9327660 times that amount.
(United States)
The "Garden State," New Jersey measures 2,258,810 hectares in total area. The Garden State Parkway — the busiest toll highway in the country — runs the 277 km (172 mi) length of New Jersey's coast.
It's about nine-tenths as big as Massachusetts.
In other words, 2,421,620 hectares is 0.88586530 times the size of Massachusetts, and the size of Massachusetts is 1.128840 times that amount.
(a.k.a. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts) (United States)
The "Bay State," Massachusetts measures 2,733,621 hectares. The peninsula of Cape Cod, which stretches into the Atlantic near from the southern tip of the state measures approximately 103,000 hectares.
It's about one-and-one-fifth times as big as Wales.
In other words, 2,421,620 hectares is 1.16810 times the size of Wales, and the size of Wales is 0.856090 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Cymru) (total area)
The area of the country of Wales (in the United Kingdom) is 2,073,200 hectares. More than 76,470 hectares, or about 4% of the country's land area, is made up of the fifty-plus islands in the Irish and Celtic Seas off the coast of the Welsh mainland.
It's about nine-tenths as big as Hawaii.
In other words, 2,421,620 hectares is 0.85536030 times the size of Hawaii, and the size of Hawaii is 1.1690980 times that amount.
(a.k.a. Moku'āina o Hawai'i) (United States)
The "Aloha State," Hawaii measures 2,831,111 hectares in total area. A total of 137 islands make up the Hawaiian archipelago, with the eight principle islands measuring 1,663,450 hectares in combined total area.