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595 minutes is about seven-tenths as as The First light bulb test (Edison, 1879).
In other words, it's 0.684 times the of The First light bulb test (Edison, 1879), and the of The First light bulb test (Edison, 1879) is 1.46 times that amount.
(Thomas Edison's filament Thread No. 9) (1879) (total time)
Lit at 1:30am on October 22nd, 1879, the first Edison completed his first majorly successful test of his light bulb, which continued to burn for 870 minutes until the bulb glass succumbed to the heat and cracked, extinguishing the filament. Within 1,580,000 minutes of his success, Edison was selling 45,000 light bulbs per day to large companies across the country.
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