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How big is 988 virgates?

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It's about one-fortieth as big as Grand Canyon National Park.
In other words, 988 virgates is 0.0243274746 times the size of Grand Canyon National Park, and the size of Grand Canyon National Park is 41.10578740 times that amount.
(Coconino County and Mohave Counties, Arizona, near Fredonia and Grand Canyon, Arizona)
Containing the 446 km (277 mi) Grand Canyon gorge, Grand Canyon National Park covers 40,612.51080 virgates.
It's about one-fortieth as big as Anchorage.
In other words, 988 virgates is 0.02361047 times the size of Anchorage, and the size of Anchorage is 42.354090 times that amount.
(formally the Municipality of Anchorage, a.k.a. MOA) (Alaska)
The fourth-largest city in Alaska and in the country, Anchorage measures 41,845.840 virgates in total area. The city is the home of a large energy industry, a hub for air and overseas cargo traffic, and home to nearly half of Alaska's population.
It's about one-forty-fifth as big as Prince Edward Island.
In other words, 988 virgates is 0.0211032 times the size of Prince Edward Island, and the size of Prince Edward Island is 47.38620 times that amount.
(a.k.a. PEI, a.k.a. P.E.I., a.k.a. Île-du-Prince-Édouard, a.k.a. Eilean a' Phrionnsa, a.k.a. Garden of the Gulf, a.k.a. Birthplace of the Confederation, a.k.a. Île Saint-Jean)
Prince Edward Island, located off Canada's eastern coast in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, measures 46,817.50 virgates in total area. Significant among Prince Edward Island's industries is agriculture, with the island producing 1.3 billion kg (1.4 million tons) of potatoes each year — almost 21% the output of the US state of Idaho with 3% as much land.
It's about one-fifty-fifth as big as Delaware.
In other words, 988 virgates is 0.018604852024891 times the size of Delaware, and the size of Delaware is 53.7494197031030 times that amount.
(United States)
The "First State," Delaware measures 53,104.4291095830 virgates in total area. Its 19.3 km (12 mi) border with Pennsylvania, referred to as "Twelve-Mile Circle" is the only circular state boundary in the United States.
It's about 60 times as big as Monaco.
In other words, the size of Monaco is 0.02 times 988 virgates.
(a.k.a. the Principality of Monaco, a.k.a. Principauté de Monaco, a.k.a. Principatu de Múnegu)
One of the smallest nations in the world, Monaco is a city-state located on the French border of the Mediterranean Sea, which measures 20 virgates in total area.
It's about one-sixty-fifth as big as Juneau.
In other words, 988 virgates is 0.015031 times the size of Juneau, and the size of Juneau is 66.529170 times that amount.
(a.k.a. the City and Borough of Juneau) (Alaska)
The capital of Alaska and third-largest city in both Alaska and the United States, Juneau measures 65,730.810 virgates in total area. Juneau is a port of call for many cruise ships voyaging off the Alaskan coast during the summer season.
It's about one-seventy-fifth as big as Puerto Rico.
In other words, 988 virgates is 0.013523 times the size of Puerto Rico, and the size of Puerto Rico is 73.94810 times that amount.
(formally the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a.k.a. Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico) (United States)
A self-governing territory of the United States located in the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is an archipelago with 73,060.80 virgates in total land area. The island is known as a popular tourist destination.